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28-Nov-2017 20:58

You can understand what parts of the business are s---y and what are not.

Check out our interview with Shaun Morgan of Seether below: What is one band on this year’s Ship Rocked Cruise that you would love to be in aside from Seether, and why? I’ve always been a big Nonpoint fan and I would just love to be a guitarist in a band sometime and not have to do the singing.[Laughs]What can we expect from you and the rest of Seether for the remainder of 2016? We’re busy looking to write a new album now – we toured for about a year and a half, almost two years, and it’s time to get back in and do some new music. I think this year might be pretty quiet for us but that’s good, too.You don’t over saturate yourself with the radio and stuff. I might start a record company and sign some bands that I like and try and diversify a little bit, do something different for a change, maybe do some producing, I don’t know. Are you going to teach some bands to avoid the things you hate about the industry?Well that it was quick, we did it in 12 days, we didn’t overthink it.

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We were still rehearsing and writing the songs a week before we went into the studio so some of the songs we didn’t even work out properly.

It’s a tough business, it always has been but I think now even more so to be visible and have a career.