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Of course, Perl is a good example of a programming language that makes loading data from a file remarkably easy [31]An analogy for this process is removing a file on a Unix system that has several symbolic links associated with it.

It is good housekeeping to remove the stale symbolic links when the target file has been removed.

This is useful when building large denormalized tables for use within a data warehouse.

Therefore, if we had a table called statements is usually performed by batch-loading programs that generate suitable SQL statements and execute them within the database, such as Oracle's SQL*Loader.

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However, if by some sheer luck you check the modified rows and see that they are wrong before you commit the changes, you can rollback the modifications you have made, returning the rows to the values they held before you started modifying them. Even better, the changes you made within the transaction were not visible to anyone else looking at the database at that time.Oracle, for example, allows inserts into equi-join views and also supports "INSTEAD OF" triggers that make just about anything possible.