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You can make an appointment online for your commercial driving test.You can take your on-road skills test after possessing your CLP for the required 14 days.Read on for details about CDLs in Texas, and reference the Texas Commercial Driver Handbook at any time.

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Visit the TX DPS website for details, and visit our page on Veteran Skills Test Waivers if you're a military veteran.

When you apply for a commercial driver's license in Texas, the first thing you'll receive your full CDL is a commercial learner's permit (CLP).

This permit allows you the opportunity to practice driving a commercial vehicle when accompanied by a licensed commercial driver.

To ensure all applicants have a clean driving record nationwide, the Texas Department of Public Safety will search national driving record databases dating back 10 years.

All states are required to search the following national records: Additionally, you can apply for certain waivers for things like vision impairment, agricultural industry membership, and prior military service.In addition to carefully studying your state's driver handbook, these tests will give you an idea about the types of questions you may see on the actual written test.