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26-Aug-2017 00:19

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It was really the Girl Meets World thing that brought us back together." Strong and his new wife Alexandra Barreto got engaged within months of his former co-star Fishel and her new husband Tim Belusko and both couples got married the same weekend, which Strong admits was totally his fault.

"I completely screwed that up," he said, noting he forgot Fishel had told him her wedding date.

He and his now-wife settled on a summer camp in Oregon that only had one weekend left in October. "And then, literally two days after we sent in the deposit, Alex turned to me and goes, ' That's the same weekend Danielle's getting married, isn't it? '" Strong called Fishel immediately to apologize. I knew that he would come to mine; we see each other like every other week."Though he's thankful for the friendships Girl Meets World reinvigorated and the "epic" dinner parties he, Savage, Fishel, and Freidle have had, Strong said the spin-off makes him "more nervous than anything, just because it's a legacy in some ways," he said with a chuckle, almost embarrassed to say it.

"We were like, 'All right, well, let's book it. "It just sucked because I would've loved to have been at her wedding and I know she and Tim would've loved to have been at ours ... "Not to make it too highfalutin, but there's this sense that we did something kind of magical and that feels obviously very personal and precious.

If anything, what's weird to me is that it's going to be on Disney Channel because we were an ABC primetime show ...

They've turned it into the Hannah Montana sort of machine, which is very different tonally ...

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"What's weird to me is that actually, people are pretty nice.

I just started compiling a bunch of them and then at some point, I decided to make fun of somebody making fun of my name or to comment or respond, and it just exploded.