Racial patterns of dating

07-Nov-2017 16:04

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Among other major non-Hispanic groups, the share for whites is 49.6%; for blacks, 13.7%; and for Asians 4.4%.The long-term result of these changes among younger age groups is that non-Hispanic whites are projected to become a minority of the population (47%) by 2050, according to Pew Research Center population projections.

A rising number of multiracial babies is being born to couples that include one white parent.Most of that increase from 2000 to 2010—56%—was due to Hispanics.

One of the key guidelines in our operations is to maintain confidentiality.… continue reading »

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I’m proud of all the postings I’ve put on here & sometimes even come here to reference to something I’ve written in a post but have forgotten about. Sometimes I get guys talking to me about something I’ve talked about in a blog & I have to actually look up the blog to see what the hell they’re talking bout – remember I’ve had the blog for a few years now.… continue reading »

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Lately, particularly with the establishing of the Treadle On list, there has been increased interest in putting old machines, especially treadles, into regular service as primary sewing machines.… continue reading »

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Chief Constable George Hamilton asserts in his letter that there are ‘insufficient detective resources’ in the UK for carrying out an independent investigation. They successfully completed dozens of cases, few as straightforward as the pre-prepared treasure trove sitting waiting for Glenanne investigators. Regardless of motive the result plays to the political position of Unionism, not, altogether now, ‘the political vacuum’.… continue reading »

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