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Nikki then finds out that the three other cards were actually aces.

But Cliff explains and leaves Nikki and Kim be finally.

But when Nikki finds out that "T" was gambling with Cliff, she decides to confront him immediately by battling him in a game of cards.

Nikki has three queens and up and leaves.

Meanwhile, Nikki's dream of being alone with Professor Oglevee turns into a nightmare for him after he and Veronica have a fight and she leaves with Andell to go to Palm Springs. She tells her that she needs to pull her own weight from now on.

Nikki is delighted at first, but she learns that she was going to move into her own apartment.

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After Nikki and Kim fail to convince Frank to give them a large discount on a Saturn, they buy a car at a police auction.Kim is thrilled when Camille places a huge order for one of her designs, but delivering the goods in time might mean putting college on hold, and incurring the wrath of Nikki.Nikki and Kim's dream vacation in Mexico turns into a nightmare after they're kicked out of the country, and then exposed to a potentially deadly virus on the plane ride home and quarantined.They later find 0,000 in its tire, but Nikki's joy turns to fear when a mysterious man comes looking for the car.

Kim's band, "Freestyle Unity", is booked for a spring-break concert in Palm Springs, but not without complications.Then afterwords after a big change in life, Nikki decides to realize that Cliff has changed, but not on what Kim heard, cause after what he's been doing, he was gambling with "T" into taking his earring away, and he did.